V-ROD tire width, can you put a 280 on stock wheel?

If you're active on social media, you've probably seen this question thousands of times: "Can I install a 280 on my original rim? or "What's the widest tire I can put on the original rear wheel?" The goal, I guess, is to have the widest possible tire at the lowest price. (Knowing a complete kit of wide tires can cost between $4,000 and $6,000.)

Keep in mind, further you deviate from stock the more you're contorting the tire to fit on a rim that is too narrow for what it was designed to be put on. You don't end up with a wider tire, you end up with a taller one with a pinched crown because the sides had to be pushed in to make it fit.

So, what's the best move? Here are some measures to help you make the right choice.
curved license plate dimension

Oem V-Rod muscle wheel with 260mm tire: (9.85")
curved license plate dimension

Oem V-Rod NRS wheel with 280mm tire: (9.93")
curved license plate dimension

Aftermarket wheel 18 x 10" with 280mm tire: (11")
curved license plate dimension

The width of the tire may vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. In conclusion, you can mount a 280 mm tire on an original wheel but for price and safety, this is not the best deal. The 280 mm (on original wheel) will only give about 1/16" wider than a 260 mm. You can also compare a "real 280mm wheel" vs the 280mm on oem wheel: the difference is more than 1".

This feed will be updated soon with more datas.*


  • Svp! Aimerais avoir information du coût pour un projet tel le 280 avec nouvelle roue? Merci du suivi

    Boislard jean
  • I have a2005 cvo vrod do they make a kit for this bike so I can put a wider tire on it

    Shannon Edwards
  • Very nice review. That answers a lot of questions. Zeel 280 kit is one of the best investment you can make on your v-rod.


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