small turn signal
small turn signal
small turn signal

MOTOGADGET - m.blaze pin turn signal (pair)

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The m.blaze pin from motogadget – setting new benchmarks for bolt-on turn signals with Power LED technology. 

Its tiny dimensions and minimal design make it almost disappear on the vehicle. Due to the IntensiLED® Technology, the emitted light is extremely bright when switched ON and definitely can no longer be overseen. Additionally, greatest visibility and safety will be ensured by the patented TranzLight® Technology (TLT) with a wide beam angle. 

The bolt-on turn signal is ECE approved as front and rear direction indicator. The aluminium casing is CNC machined and available with an anodized black or mirror polish surface. 

Like any other typical LED turn signal, the motogadget turn signal can be operated with load resistors or any of our load-independent flasher relays (m.flash, m.wave, m.stop, m.relay+). 


  • Absolute unique, new design and principle of operation (light control by TranzLight® Technology)
  • extremely delicate appearance due to transparent glass body and very small aluminium base
  • highest luminosity, achieved by state-of-the-art high output LED technology (IntensiLED®)
  • electronic voltage conditioning by IC controlled constant power source with 330kHz pulses and safe protection electronics
  • extremely bright light in radiation direction, highly visible light in nearly all direction
  • 2x m.blaze pin turn signal w/ M8 thread
  • M8 nut
  • Approx. 100 cm connector cable)
  • Installation instructions

    Specifications and features

    Total lenght with thread 38,5 mm
    Length without thread 19,5 mm
    Biggest diameter 16 mm
    Cable length ca. 100 cm
    Weight ca. 12 g
    Installation M8 threaded bolt
    Power consumption ca. 3 Watt