v-rod offset kit
HARLEY V-ROD - NLC - Front Pulley Offset Kit
v-rod offset kit
v-rod offset kit

HARLEY V-ROD - NLC - Front Pulley Offset Kit

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NLC Bearing support plate for V-Rod. This is the best way to offset your front pulley when installing wide tire kit.

*For US/Canadian models with 28 teeth front pulley, modification to the pulley is required to fit offset kit. You can ship you pulley and we will do modification at no extra fees. We can also sell used/new modified pulley. OR modification can easily be done by any machine shop shop, just contact us to get instructions.


  • When you install a rear wheel widening kit, automatically the rear pulley will be offset. So basically we need a "spacer" to make sure the front pulley aligns the rear pulley.
  • The most important part of this product is the bearing that is integrated in the "spacer"(2*, fig.C). The bearing is supporting the extensionned flange and avoid the drive shaft/bearing(1*, fig.A)/internal parts taking damage du to the "lever effect" created when the belt is tensionned.
  • On the schema,offsets are measured from the output shaft bearing(1*) to the belt. You can see the offset with OEM set-up(Fig.A) and the offset created when we offset the front pulley without offset kit(Fig.B).On the (fig.C) you can see that the offset is now similar to the oem set-up because we add an offset bearing to take the load.

(Click on the image to enlarge) offset kit schema


These kits are compatible with our V-Rod wide tire kit.

-Please select the offset kit you want according to the good swing arm width.

  • VR20200 for 300mm
  • VR20210 for 330mm
  • VR20220 for 360mm

 Direct bolt-on, comes with instructions.