v-rod 330mm kit
v-rod 330mm kit
v-rod 330mm kit
v-rod 330mm kit
HARLEY V-ROD - 330mm Wide tire kit
HARLEY V-ROD - 330mm Wide tire kit
HARLEY V-ROD - 330mm Wide tire kit
v-rod 330 widening kit

HARLEY V-ROD - 330mm Wide tire kit

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This enhancement kit will allow you to modify a 2007 and up V-ROD® (except vrscr) to replace your original 240 mm rear tire by a 330 mm wide tire installed on the appropriate rim size. The Swing arm need to be cut/extended and welded. Swing arm will be sanded and paint touch-ups on the welded zone(Black or polish). Not visible when assembled on the bike.

Our 17x12'' replacement wheel assembly will allow use of the original rear pulley and brake rotor. We also offer the "matching design" option for both, simply choose the good option in the drop down "Pulley and Rotor".

You must ship your swing arm to Zeel Design (in Canada) to perform this modification (Modification is included in the price of the kit). Shipping at your own expense. We can also offer "core swing arm" for sale or for exchange. Please contact us for more informations.


  • When you install a rear wheel widening kit, automatically the rear pulley will be offset. So basically we need a "spacer" to make sure the front pulley aligns the rear pulley.
  • The most important part of this product is the bearing that is integrated in the "spacer". The bearing is supporting the extensionned output shaft and avoid the drive shaft taking damage du to the "lever effect" created when the belt is tensionned.
  • On the schema,offsets are measured from the output shaft bearing(1*) to the belt. You can see the offset with OEM set-up(Fig.A) and the offset created when we offset the front pulley without offset kit(Fig.B).On the (fig.C) you can see that the offset is now similar to the oem set-up because we add an offset bearing to take the load.

(Click on the image to enlarge) offset kit schema

You will need to use an offset kit for the front pulley. We are using No-Limit-Custom offset kit for our wide tire kits. For US/Canadian models with 28 teeth front pulley, modification to the pulley is required to fit this offset kit. You can ship your pulley and we will do the modification at no extra fees. We can also sell used/new modified pulley OR modification can easily be done by any machine shop, just contact us to get instruction. (OFFSET KIT PAGE)

Kit includes:

  • 17 x 12 inch rear wheel (330mm)
  • Black powdercoat finish(wheel and hubs)
  • Hubs, bearings and hardware
  • Aluminum CNC machined extension block
  • OEM Swing arm modification(cut/weld/paint touch-ups)
  • Swing arm axle
  • Rear wheel axle Axle spacers
  • Reinforced shock spacers

This kit fits all version of 2007+ V-Rod, Night Rod Special and Muscle Rod that was originally built with a 240mm tire. *Will not work with OEM V-Rod Muscle exhaust (on the left side) without modification.

Installation video:

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